A Charmed Life

Photos by Jie Jenny Zou

BALTIMORE, MD.–Finally got some time in between jam-packed sessions at NICAR 2014 to actually see some of the city. I’ll publish another post specifically about the sessions I attended soon. Until then…

From left to right:
PHOTO #1: The Bromo Seltzer Arts Tower, pictured on the right, was the tallest structure in Baltimore until the 1920s and was constructed in 1911. The tower’s clock still functions and its 15 stories are now home to resident artists.

PHOTO #2: Downtime during NICAR 2014? Try flying a baby drone.

PHOTO #3: A stuffed raven and a small painting of the exterior of Edgar Allan Poe’s house in Baltimore sits on the mantle of the same home. Poe relocated to Baltimore after a failed stint at West Point military academy in his early 20s.

PHOTO #4: Poe was one of five residents in the cramped quarters of the three-story row house on N. Amity St. This is a view of the very tiny attic, which had a steep set of triangle step stairs.

PHOTO #5: The Poe house is now part of Poe Homes, a public housing project that opened in 1940.

PHOTO #6: A reflection shot of a fellow NICARian during some downtime with some of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor in the background.