Jersey (Brooklyn) Girl

Photos by Jie Jenny Zou

I started the past week in northern New Jersey and ended it in Brooklyn. What I gathered:
1. NJ is an ocean of highways, but you can still enjoy sunsets.
2. No trip to northern NJ is complete without a stop at Mitsuwa, one of the largest stores at the Japanese strip mall in Edgewater, which includes an impressive food emporium that’s home to some of the most authentic ramen in the NY metro area (so, I’m told, as I’ve never been to Japan myself) as well as a melange of dainty (and also somewhat expensive) dessert vendors, prepackaged foods, and of course, fresh sushi.
3. Food festivals in Brooklyn tend to have weird names (though, to be fair, this was the second year of the food festival and the first year it was hosted in Brooklyn).
4. Prospect Park in Brooklyn is really underrated compared to the behemoth of Central Park in Manhattan. This particular tiny body of water in the park didn’t smell the most pleasant, but it certainly had a charm of its own (Instagram filter not withstanding).