New York Sports Club Weiner Ad

Flickr Creative Commons: New York Sports Club Weiner Ad by Marianne O’Leary

All this talk about Anthony Weiner putting himself out there (literally), for the THIRD time, has got this girl missing home in the weirdest of ways.

I got my first pang of NYC news withdrawal earlier today when news blew up on the Twitter-verse that the former U.S. house rep was caught in yet another awkward, lurid, sex scandal.

Growing up in Brooklyn, Weiner was a household name–primarily through his association with legislative heavy-hitter (and other Brooklyn native) Chuck Schumer.

I was tickled to learn that Weiner and I are both from Brooklyn, attended the same specialized high school (also in Brooklyn), and then attended universities within the New York state system and received the same degree (political science). At one point, Weiner had even considered becoming a journalist, of sorts (a TV weatherman).

I believe, though, that the similarities stop there.

I also vaguely recall him speaking in at least two of my graduations. Oh, nostalgia.