Photos by Jie Jenny Zou
PHOTO CAPTIONS (Clockwise, starting at top left)
#1: Saw a child seated in front of me on a flight get a pair of wings. Complained and got a pair too. Who says flying isn’t fancy anymore?
#2: Birthday ceviche, the best kind of ceviche. That, and ceviche served in a coconut shell. Double awesome.
#3: Vehicular damage (not pictured: emotional and financial damage)
#4: Nothing says holiday love more than a photo of a forced hug among cousins.

It’s been a while since I last posted, which was last month when I had some FOIA-related troubles and vowed to post in full detail how I went about conquering a 309-page PDF chart.

No progress on said chart because I haven’t had a moment to spare and really sit down and look at the PDF mess without crying. I also ended up going to a recent FOIA-specific meeting with the county that provided me with the documents for an interesting take on how requests are viewed from the supply-side. It was the first meeting of its kind that the county has ever hosted before and I couldn’t help but think it had to do specifically with my requests as of late…But, I digress.

The last couple of weeks have merged into a giant, un-wieldy blur spent moving into my third (and hopefully) final apartment in Rock Hill, getting my rather costly and complicated health affairs in order, getting a year older, and following up on some random news tips.

Did I mention I managed to wreck the back bumper of my brand new car (just 5.5 months old!) while backing into a stationary SUV at 4.5 miles an hour in a parking lot? The irony: the SUV barely had a scratch, meanwhile I looked as if I backed straight into a brick wall at three times the speed.

One of my co-workers called the bumpers of modern-day sedans and compacts, “tin foil,” to which I replied, “expensive tin foil.” More irony: a brand new car was significantly cheaper than a certified used car of the same make and model.

Ultimate irony (not really irony): auto-insurance rates get adjusted every six months. Guess who managed to get into her first accident just one week shy of that readjustment? Yep. This girl.

But I’m not trying to dwell on the negatives. I did get close to four whole days off from work to fly back and see my family in NYC over Thanksgiving. It was a much-needed homecoming since I’m signed on to work both Christmas and New Year’s Day. I celebrated Thanksgiving three separate times and each time was lovely in its own way. The holidays don’t quite feel like the holidays without the fam and mealtimes with friends and old faces.

I’m also coming up on the 6-month mark of my time at The Herald and in the south in general. All in all, I’m getting used to the slower pace of living down south, but I do miss the frenetic energy that seems to be woven into every fiber of being back in NYC. Though, I’ll admit, I definitely don’t miss the weather.