Work Grind & Mold Woes

Photos by Jie Jenny Zou

Posting photos of my work life because my personal life has been in disarray lately after I found out the room I was renting happened to be covered in mold. Copious amounts of mold.

And so begun my quick exodus from a seemingly idyllic subdivision (read: fancy street) in Rock Hill located right by a bunch of schools–followed with strange and not-so-strange, frantic email exchanges on Craig’s List to find a last-minute arrangement within a novice reporter’s salary.

And also the uncomfortable situation where your landlord tries to convince you that a mold-filled room isn’t a bad thing and hands you a pail with diluted bleach and cautions you against staining the carpet. Tip to those who ever come across a similar situation: get out or get someone who is responsible for the property to take the situation seriously, lease or no lease.

The way I discovered my mold situation is that I developed a sore throat sans cold symptoms and I’m from NYC (aka emission city) and luckily don’t have an asthmatic history. Once I took a good, deep look at the four white walls I had stared at for two months, I was genuinely surprised to find furry patches of white mold. Everywhere.

And so two months to the day that I moved to South Carolina happened to also mark the end of living situation #1. Sometimes, I swear journalism, or beginning adult life, is partly about being uncomfortable 85% of the time.

But punches are expected in every new situation, as is adaptive rolling. The suckiest part has been setting down some roots in a new place, only to have to pick up and do it all over again. And IKEA furniture. Reassembling and moving large IKEA furniture alone: I don’t recommend it.

Luckily for me, my work week has been interesting. I got the chance to attend a large military event honoring soldiers that recently returned from Afghanistan and also sat down with a House Rep. to localize the U.S. intervention in Syria story that’s been gobbling up newspages and tweets.

I’m ready to sink my teeth into my next big story, hopefully mold and allergy-free.